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Dueltiptutors Hub pioneers Zimbabwe's digital landscape, fostering a dynamic revolution by empowering Kadoma's youth with essential digital skills while offering cutting-edge solutions to companies navigating the tech terrain. Our commitment is to train over 100,000 young minds by 2026, equipping them with in-demand digital competencies through tailored programs and mentorship, preparing them to excel in today's tech-driven world. Collaborating closely with businesses, we leverage innovative approaches to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth in an ever-evolving digital sphere. Our vision is to bridge the gap between youth potential and industry needs, creating a transformative ripple effect that propels Zimbabwe's digital landscape toward unprecedented heights. Join Dueltiptutors Hub on this transformative digital journey, where skills empower, businesses thrive, and possibilities abound.

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Why Choose Us

National Building

Market Alignment

Adapting strategies to meet current market demands effectively.

Community Building

Empowering youth with job creation in Information Technology

Innovative Approaches

Inculcating problem-solving skills for unique challenges to the upcoming generation

Nation Building

Through IT skills training

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