Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (CIS)

Course Code: CIS01

Department: Accounting Department

Certification: CIS

Next Intake: January 2024

Price: US$25 per module,

Duration: 3 years


The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA), known as the Chartered Gove ance Institute, is a professional body dedicated to the promotion and development of gove ance, risk management, compliance, and company secretarial practice.

ICSA offers qualifications and professional development programs aimed at individuals aspiring to build careers in gove ance, company secretarial practice, and related fields.

The institute plays a vital role in setting standards and best practices in gove ance, ensuring that professionals adhere to ethical standards and contribute to effective gove ance frameworks within organizations.

ICSA's qualifications cover a wide range of disciplines, including corporate gove ance, compliance, risk management, company law, and strategic management.

Members of ICSA, known as Chartered Secretaries or Chartered Gove ance Professionals, are recognized for their expertise in gove ance matters, providing assurance on compliance, ethical conduct, and effective decision-making within organizations.

ICSA provides a platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and continuous professional development through seminars, conferences, publications, and online resources.

The institute collaborates with regulatory bodies, gove ments, and industry stakeholders to shape policies and practices that enhance corporate gove ance and organizational effectiveness.

With a global presence and a history dating back over a century, ICSA continues to be a leading authority in the field of gove ance, supporting professionals in their careers and contributing to the advancement of corporate gove ance practices worldwide.

Career Prospects:

1. Company Secretary:

  1. Overseeing gove ance and compliance, managing board meetings, and ensuring adherence to legal and regulatory requirements.

2. Gove ance Professional:

  1. Specializing in designing and implementing effective gove ance frameworks within organizations, focusing on risk management, compliance, and ethical practices.

3. Risk Manager:

  1. Identifying and managing risks that can impact an organization's operations, finances, and reputation, ensuring compliance with regulations.

4. Compliance Officer:

  1. Ensuring adherence to legal and regulatory requirements, implementing policies and procedures to mitigate risks, and conducting audits.

5. Corporate Counsel:

  1. Providing legal advice, managing legal affairs, drafting contracts, and ensuring legal compliance within an organization.

6. Board Support/Corporate Gove ance Advisor:

  1. Assisting boards of directors, advising on gove ance best practices, managing board documentation, and facilitating effective decision-making.

7. Audit and Assurance Professional:

  1. Reviewing financial records, assessing inte al controls, and providing assurance on financial reporting and compliance.

8. Compliance Consultant/Advisor:

  1. Offering specialized advice on regulatory compliance, implementing compliance programs, and conducting training for organizations.

9. Consultant in Corporate Gove ance and Risk Management:

  1. Providing consultancy services to organizations, advising on gove ance structures, risk management strategies, and compliance frameworks.

10. Academic/Teaching Role:

  1. Sharing expertise by teaching gove ance, risk management, and compliance in academic institutions or as a trainer for professional courses.


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