Manufacturing and Processing


The Manufacturing and Processing department at Dueltiptutors Hub caters specifically to small-scale businesses in Zimbabwe and Africa, focusing on providing tailored solutions and support for entrepreneurs in the manufacturing sector. Key aspects of this specialized department include:

Department Objectives:

  1. Technology Adaptation for Small-Scale Manufacturing: Providing guidance and tools for the integration of cost-effective technologies suitable for small-scale production.
  2. Process Optimization and Cost Efficiency: Assisting businesses in streamlining manufacturing processes to maximize output while minimizing costs and resource utilization.
  3. Local Supply Chain Development: Facilitating connections and partnerships within local supply chains to enhance accessibility to raw materials and resources.
  4. Capacity Building and Training: Offering training programs and workshops tailored to small-scale manufacturers to improve their technical skills and business acumen.
  5. Quality Assurance and Compliance: Supporting businesses in meeting quality standards and regulatory requirements within their operational capacities.

Approach to Support:

  • Personalized consultations and mentorship for small-scale manufacturers to address specific challenges and opportunities.
  • Networking events and forums connecting entrepreneurs with industry experts and potential collaborators.
  • Continuous assessment and adaptation of strategies to align with the unique needs and constraints of small-scale businesses.

The Manufacturing and Processing department at Dueltiptutors Hub is committed to fostering the growth and sustainability of small-scale manufacturing ventures in Zimbabwe and across Africa, promoting economic development and entrepreneurship.

Manufacturing and Processing Courses

  1. Soap Making
  2. Perfume Making

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