The Agriculture Department at our institution offers a diverse range of courses covering various aspects of farming and cultivation practices. Students gain practical knowledge and skills essential for different branches within the agricultural sector. The department covers

  • Animal Husbandry: Focuses on the care, breeding, and management of livestock for optimal production.
  • Horticulture: Covers the cultivation and management of fruits, vegetables, and o amental plants.
  • Poultry Farming: Explores the practices and techniques involved in raising poultry for meat and eggs.
  • Aquaculture: Studies the farming of aquatic organisms, including fish, crustaceans, and aquatic plants.
  • Apiculture: Concentrates on the maintenance and management of bee colonies for honey production and pollination.
  • Dairy Farming: Focuses on the production and management of dairy products, primarily from cows.
  • Livestock Farming: Examines the various aspects of raising and caring for different types of livestock.
  • Silviculture: Involves the study and cultivation of trees and forests for sustainable wood production and ecosystem management.

Each course within the Agriculture Department equips students with specialized skills tailored to different facets of farming and agribusiness, preparing them for diverse roles within the agricultural industry.

Agriculture Courses

  1. Bee Keeping

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